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Our mission as a spiritual construct, will be to remain receptive and open to Ancient wisdom and guidance of our Creator according to our mission, which is as follows:

To promote research and dialogue amongst other colleagues and associates, with an emphasis on native peoples’ ancestral heritage and culture;

To engage in any commercial or non-commercial enterprises and projects for funding, as necessary to promote economic security and prosperity, and the principles of love, peace, happiness, unity and justice for all concerned;

To support humanitarian causes by seeking and promoting global economic ties, alliances and commercial endeavors with other associations with similar missions;

To facilitate ongoing research in spiritualism, philosophy and law or in equity, as a foundation for encouraging self awareness, self determination amongst native people;

To produce, publish, archive and disseminate newsletters and webinars, under our own imprint, for the purpose of sharing information on subjects such as law, natural living, spiritual principles, cultural awareness and tribal awareness;

To promote, teach, and implement systems and models for wealth creation and debt-free living, and;

To educate people on developing self help practices and systems in harmony with universal spiritual principles and the common law;

To engage in and foster research, development and implementation of remedies at law for any problem, while holding accountable those individuals responsible for the ‘breach of trust’ or wrongful interference with contractual obligations, and who otherwise work to the detriment of “We the people;”

To operate a benevolent association for hands-on interaction amongst select groups, which includes sharing invaluable vetted and shepardized research information to facilitate working models for self awareness, self empowerment and self sustainment.

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